Our Story

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Looking Back

Our story began when Benny Layosa started Gentle Wisdom Management Consultancy (GWMC) in 2008.

He opened GWMC to cater to the needs of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. He wanted to address their needs for business planning, developing a marketing strategy, researching the market, improving their systems and processes, formulating policies, improving operating productivity and efficiency, boosting sales, and training their managers and frontline marketing and salespeople.

Initially serving the Philippine market, GWMC gradually expanded to the global market starting with several marketing projects in North America.

As GWMC continued to handle more marketing projects, Benny decided to focus more on marketing. For small businesses particularly startups, marketing was crucial to their success. There was a clear and compelling need to understand deeply their target market and how their products/services can satisfactorily address the needs and problems of their niche.

From traditional marketing, GWMC evolved into digital marketing as small businesses started recognizing and adapting this new approach to marketing. GWMC’s small business clients found it to be more suitable to them with a real time understanding of their target market, buyer personas, and competition as well as enabling them to have a global reach. More importantly, they could set pre-determined KPIs, measure results, and optimize performance also in real time. For them it was also more cost-effective. 

After a few years of doing digital marketing for clients, GWMC decided to eventually focus on developing content. Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing. The success of a digital marketing campaign depends largely on the content that a business provides with intent to inform, educate, and guide in decision-making their buyer personas.

Thus, Layosa Content & Digital Marketing (LCDM) was established in 2020 and has been given the task of continuing what GWMC started but with a more compelling focus on content marketing.

LCDM’s focal point is developing and publishing content that can clearly deliver a brand’s message in a manner that emotionally touches the target audience and motivates them to act favorably.