What Can E-commerce Businesses Expect in 2021 After an Exceptional Performance During the Pandemic?

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

The popularity of e-commerce has never been more pronounced than during this coronavirus pandemic when people avoid going out to shop and instead do their shopping online. E-commerce is one of the very few sectors that has achieved exceptional growth during this pandemic.

So, what can this vibrant sector look forward to in 2021 when businesses everywhere generally expect a recovery from the pandemic? Here are some interesting and popular trends in e-commerce:

1.       Personalizing the customer experience thru Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI enables e-commerce stores to learn more about customer preferences; thus, they can personalize the shopping experience by offering products that are likely to be purchased. This leads to more sales.

2.       Majority of shoppers will continue shopping online even after the pandemic

Aside from health reasons during the pandemic, convenience is a strong reason to continue shopping online. What is likewise notable is the changing demographics of online shoppers as the older age segments of the market are now buying more online.

3.       More big brands will adopt the direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy

An increasing number of major brands will consider the DTC strategy to have better control over how their products will reach their end-users. Owning the supply and distribution assets and with less dependence on third-party physical retailers will give brand owners more leverage in getting their products to the hands of their customers.

4.       Use of Augmented Reality (AR)

The AR technology has provided online shoppers with a more exciting experience. It enables them to try and evaluate the product virtually before making a buying decision. Examples are virtual fitting rooms for trying on fashion products and virtual representation of your home or office when checking the suitability of new furniture.

5.       Implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy

Putting the online customer at the center of all brand messaging campaigns using all communication channels as the customer moves through the purchase journey will give marketers an edge over competitors. This entails creating personalized, dynamic, and real-time messaging as the customer moves from top-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel. The use of emails, SMS, and retargeting ads with personalized messages for example can give a remarkable experience to a customer as he/she moves in the purchase journey in real-time.

6.       Social media will have more inroads to online shopping

Social platforms will continue to find ways to influence the online shopping experience such as making it much easier for platform users to shop online.

The use of influencer marketing is also expected to grow further as online shoppers lend more credibility to actual brand user experiences rather than to brand promotions. However, the micro/nano influencers will have more credibility and visibility as celebrity endorsers may have a waning influence over online shoppers.

7.       Content as the driving force

Content has always been critical in building brand awareness, engaging and converting customers, and retaining them. Content communicates brand values and how the product/service features and benefits can best address the customers’ needs, problems, and pain points. Content can also include a brand’s customer support information, corporate social responsibility, and its internal or behind-the-scenes activities.

There is always a keen interest in updates or trends in particular niches, markets, or marketing practices. We will continue to bring these to you regularly with a focus on e-commerce, B2B marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

We value your feedback.

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