Passage: My Blogging Story

content marketing blog

I have been writing blog posts for the past ten years or so. It is my way of communicating my thoughts to an audience in a systematic and rational way. Always apprehensive of speaking before an audience, writing has become my psychologically comfortable alternative.

My first blog was written around 2010. It was rudimentary. It was an offshoot of the website I had created on the WordPress platform as part of my SEO training. The website was about my mud crab export and organic farming business.

Although very basic and short-lived, I loved that website and its blog page. It did not create a bang for my business, but I got some sound leads then.  In fact, I was able to close a couple of good export deals.

My next blog was about sustainable development topics like organic farming and renewable energy sources. It was on the Blogspot platform and was likewise short-lived but still online at

My latest and longest-running blog under Gentle Wisdom has been about small business management and digital marketing. I started it on WordPress in 2011 and run it until June 2019.

I was able to publish about 70+ blog posts for Gentle Wisdom.  I have never been a very regular blogger. It has been quite difficult for me to find a regular time to write and publish blog articles due to time constraints. I know many of you have the same reason for not blogging regularly. But you and I know this should not be the case if we really want to succeed at blogging.

At any rate, I will continue to write blog articles.

I believe many among my readers and followers get something of value from by blog posts. I am confident that my articles are useful and helpful to many of you. It may not always entertain despite my effort to make it so. I guess my not-so-outgoing personality is the underlying reason for this. Nevertheless, I am confident that these are informative enough for you to pick up a point or two that can help your small business operation.

With this belief, I will continue to write blog articles.

From business management and traditional marketing topics, I then shifted to writing more about digital marketing. This shift had been dictated by business realities. More and more of my business consultancy clients had found the compelling need to promote their business online, as it is where most of their target audience are spending their time on.

Digital marketing is an interesting and widely read topic with a broad diversity of sub-topics. I have written about social media marketing, email marketing, market research, strategies, and other topics. Under each of these, more sub-topics can be written about.

I am now relaunching my website under a new URL (  I have officially retired the Gentle Wisdom website.

With this move, I am also shifting focus of my blog.  I will be writing mostly about content marketing.

This is also in line with the current focus of my consultancy work.  I will be more focused on content marketing.

After years of offering digital marketing services, I am now focusing on content creation, strategy development, and campaign implementation.

Content is the fuel that powers digital marketing. Content is the lifeblood of the different moving parts of digital marketing.

I invite you to continue following my blog posts which will now be more on content marketing.

I am confident you will also find it useful and helpful not only for business but also for not-for-profit endeavors.

We value your feedback.

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