Writing Blogs for Effective Digital Marketing

blogging in digital marketing
Image credit: geralt/Pixabay

Your blogs help build your authority, credibility, and reputation in the industry or field where your business operates. These achievements contribute significantly to boosting the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Important points to consider in blogging

When you write a blog post, it is important to consider the following factors to ensure attainment of the abovementioned achievements:

  • Objective
  • Audience
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Distribution


Why do you write a blog? It is basically to inform your target audience about important developments or trends in your industry or in your product/service categories.

A blog is not a sales pitch.  It is intended to answer questions or to address problems or issues of your target audience that are related to your industry or business.

For example, if you are in the furniture business, you may write an article about the latest trend in design, materials, or colors of furniture in your country. Or, you may publish articles about restoring old furniture.


What consists your target audience?  Your target audience would be the same as the target market of your business.

Here it is important to have a clear buyer persona. You have to know their demographic and psychographic profiles, their interests and behavior.

If your target market is in the high-income household category, you may develop content that describes and visually show (more of images or videos) what furniture currently appeals to this demographic. It might be worthwhile to write also about hardwood furniture for people who might have a preference for this kind of furniture.


Again, your blog should aim to inform your target audience.  Do not drive them away with a sales pitch.

It is important to remember always that you have to provide the content that answers questions or help solve problems.  Do this persistently. Eventually, you become a go-to authority for your online readers about your niche of expertise.


SEO or search engine optimization gets your content read. It is disappointing to note that after writing a good blog, you discover that nobody has read it.

Using good SEO practices such as using well-researched keywords, proper titles and headings, good meta description, appropriate alt tags and links, will boost your blog ranking in search engine results page.  Thus, when someone searches for your product using the keywords you selected, your blog would have a good chance of getting found and read.


Aside from organic traffic through SEO, you can also drive traffic to your blog through other online channels like social media and email marketing.

You may publish posts on appropriate social media platforms about your blog and provide links to your blog post.  You can use emails to inform your contacts about your blog and likewise giving links to it.  Or, you can simply put a follow button on your blog post so your readers can follow your subsequent blogs.


There are other factors to consider in writing good blogs.  Those discussed above are the essential considerations to ensure that your blogs contribute significantly to your digital marketing success.

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